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BINGO BOPS VOL. 3: Songs That Make Me Feel Like I'm In A Box of PRANG Crayons



One of my earliest memories is this whacked-out dream I had when I was... four? Five? In my dream I stepped into a box of PRANG crayons, the ones with the black background and a picture of a panda bear. It was very Harold and the Purple Crayon, like the only surface I could feel was the black background of the box and it felt like velvet, and then if I wanted to make something else I could pick one of the crayons from the box and make it. The really emotionally salient part of it was that I felt totally safe and happy, like I could see everything in my little world and it was all just great, just crayons and velvet and a nice panda bear.

There are a few other things that give me the same vibe, like those turn of the 21st century prints on paper cups and bowling alley floors and bus seats. Or laser-tag places at the mall (vintage alert!). Or thrift store fleeces and Runtz candies. Sonically I feel like this translates to a mix of cool, futuristic tones (maybe synths or brass or lots of echo) and warm, sort of analogue stuff (acoustic guitar, kind of fuzzy older recordings maybe). Theres a lot of 80’s hangover here, maybe because all I watched as a kid were old reruns on PBS.

All these songs are comforting to me in the same way as my dream crayon box was, whatever that means. I've attached some other things that are on vibe below in case you dig it.


trash girlio


-Browser version of Microsoft Paint

-Trailer for I've Heard the Mermaids Singing (1987)

-This popular paper cup design